L-R; Founder, Kate Dezarnaulds; General Manager, Odetta de la Vega and Community Manager, Bonnie Greene work across WorkLife Berry & Kiama to ensure all of our members have a seamless work experience and every opportunity to connect and network with other members.

Natasha Osmond-Dreyer


Natasha Osmond-Dreyer fits more into her days than some do in a week. An expert in operational excellence, executive coach, business consultant and founder of ‘Blue Marbles’ Natasha can be often be spotted on the South Coast wearing her signature blue with a green smoothie in hand. 

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Clare Marshall

& Stuart MacLaughlin

Curious Columbus

At WorkLife we get greeted by friendly faces, get to have a short friendly discussion, then everyone goes and gets on with their work. That human connection is super valuable.

Amy Manton

Stand Tall Retreats

The entrepreneurial spirit of this place is infectious and so collaborative.

Richard Mills

Barton Mills Recruitment

Being a member of WorkLife has cemented relationships with people we’ve met down here. There’s a great group of humble, extraordinary people who are working here. It can be lonely running your own business, but here there’s a natural pull for entrepreneurial, likeminded people to come together.